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I care about warship craft. I care about the wiki. I care about the community. But I don't care about the developer, Jeong Saeng Park; I give Jeong full credit for bringing back this wonderful game, and I have been playing this game since Battleship Craft was first released, however he is also accountable fo the broken state of the game now.

There is so many glitches, unfixed bugs, and stupid changes made by the developer. Now, I don't like Jeong because I don't even think he plays Warship Craft. Now that may come as a surprise to some, but theres far too many blunders done by himslef. This includes changing the games physics, so to that my ships become unusable, or even worse, that the fucking U-Boat from the in game store is broken. I have it. It can't dive. 420,000 (or so) gold down the drain.

The gallery doesn't even work. What's worse is that the developer hasn't fixed this issue for more than three updates. If Jeong really cared about this game he would fix these issues, and this brings me to my final point; lack of communication. 

Now, unless you've got your head in the sand, it's pretty obvious the user claiming to be Jeong is an impersonator. So, how much communication have we had from this developer? None. Yep, that's right, nothing. Not even a simple blog post stating the changes in the upcoming update. Because of this, users are scratching their heads wondering: "Is this even a bug? Why can't my ship float? Why isn't the gallery working? Why did Jeong make these changes?"

So what should be done to fix this broken game called Warship Craft? Well in my opinion I believe there are two options. The latter I agree with less, but both are still good.

1) Hand over the game to the community. Now, this may seem absurb and silly, however there are some people who not only care about the game, but also have the skills and technology to design in game parts/missions/etc. Because of their passion for the game, they would provide frequent updates, these people would also communciate with the community as to what updates are upcoming and why changes are being made.

2) Hand over the game to another company. I think if the game was handed over to another company this would be beneficial for obvious reasons; the company would obviously have the developers and skills to progress the game.

Well that's what I think. Again, I give Jeong full credit for bringing back this diverse sandbox game. Tell me what you think in the comments.

The Steel Mushroom