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Warship Craft is a mobile game available exclusively on the iOS operating system. This innovative ship-construction and naval warfare simulator allows players to build their very own ships, complete with weapons, armor and engines. Players can let their imagination run wild as the game offers an wide variety of parts while challenging the player to consider real-life issues in military vessel-building: mass, stability, and armament. The truly unique experience of this game, however, is the ability to employ ships in battles against AI-controlled ships or against other people via Online Multiplayer. Players can design and build many kinds of ships, from aircraft carriers, battleships and cruisers down to destroyers, attack boats and submarines. Other warship types that have evolved in-game are so-called super-warships (actually very large battleships with multiple weapons) and hybrids (combinations of 2 or more types like battleship-carriers, submarine-carriers, etc.).

Warship Craft is a nearly exact clone of the mobile game Battleship Craft, which was taken down from the iOS App Store in 2013, and features identical physics and parts. This wiki is meant to document and discuss new features introduced in Warship Craft, including different missions and upgrades. Features that were originally on Battleship Craft can be found in the Battleship Craft Wiki.

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In the latest installment of Warship Craft (Version 2.1.24), new guns, 152mm/50 Mk. 22, 406mm/45 Mk. 1, and the incredibly powerful 406mm/50 Mk. 7 were added. Additionally, new resized hull blocks have been added, the models for different armor types were reworked, and prices of armor have been increased. The cost of template skeletons have been increased and the price of HMS Nelson and USS Iowa have been reduced. [Outdated]

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