The DEADF is the Danish explore and defense force, it is set up to defend the Danish empire and insure its survival.

current ships in the navy is 1 glory class battle barge: 1305 meters long and 55 46cm guns

1 god splitter class command ship/battle ship: 1085 meters with 20 46cm guns

1 dictator class heavy cruiser: 595 meters and 3 46cm guns and 4 35cm guns and 18AAA

1 dauntless class light cruiser: 495 meters 2 triple 35cm guns and 12 30cm guns

1 firestorm class frigate: 250 meters 2 35cm guns

1 cobra class destroyer/escort: 205 meters 1 35cm gun 4 30cm guns

more ships are to be added in the future and every day it is improving, with new desigsns and class, as it stand now it is a threat.

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