Hello, today I want to write a guide And have community input on how to build a proper NON FLYING "super battleship" First we must redefine " super battleship " because it ranges from 20k-70+k toughness at this point, and that is too big of a range, to make it more specific I'll do this:

Class C super warship: 20k-30k toughness CLass B super warship: 31k-50k toughness Class A super warship: 51k-70k toughness Class S super warship: 71k and above toughness

There, done :)

Now, a few tips:

IMG 0077

To start off with a proper layout do 3-6 6x6s tall

IMG 0078

Then add however long you want, decide the shape and how many 6x6s you want it wide, and build to about 80% capacity MAX (this is because we don't want to few 48cms) Then after hull completion, place weapons & BOOM! You got your spanking new ship that can't turn but can smash all your enemies (almost all ;) )

Here's a prime example of this strategy:

IMG 0069

The LXR DuoSpearion was the first ship I built in my new save, and it has 69k toughness and I forgot how many guns (lol) anyways just a ship that I use as a secondary to my final hour 2.0

Ok I've ranted enough, enjoy the short guide and have a nice day :) -LXRDD

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