Hi everyone!

Been playing this game since it was Battleship Craft, and one of the best things I liked about the game back then was the soundtrack: Imperial Japanese Navy marches, performed by the JMSDF Band. I've searched everywhere, and finally I've found them: here are the songs.

Battleship Shikishima March - by Tokichi Setoguchi

  • Thiswas the only JMSDF performance I could find. 

The Great Soldier March  - by unknown

  • I couldn't find anything on this. :(

Gunkan March - by Tokichi Setoguchi

  • Official March of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force. Very easy to find performances by searching them up. 

If anyone has more information on these songs, feel free to share! I compose and arrange as a hobby, and I'm currently working on orchestral arrangements of Battleship Shikishima March and Gunkan March. It would be helpful to see another rendition as a reference, so if anyone knows where I could find that, please let me know.

Orchestral Arrangement of Battleship Shikishima March - nearly done!

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