Hi, and welcome to the Warship Craft Wiki! Here we have some guidelines which we hope you will follow to ensure that the number of conflicts is kept to a minimum.

1. Do not remove content or entire pages without reason or support from other members of the community

This may discourage users from creating content as well as going against what this wiki is for. You can discuss pages in the comments.Try to only remove redundant wording, inaccurate information, grammatical errors or spam.

Similarly, don't add a delete tag without reason or consent from other respective users.

2. Be nice!

This is a community for all of use to share and discuss information and not to argue. Please respect all members of the community.

3. Don't create orphan pages

When you create a page please add a link to it at the main page so that it is easier to find your page.

Again, if you add a delete tag please add a discussion about it in the deletion talk page.

4. All pages are free to be edited

Feel free to edit any page, any time, any way.  Of course, edit in moderation, keeping the above guidelines in mind.  On the other hand, don't add superfluous or unnecessary content.  Remember, try to keep the page succinct and understandable.


There are specific rules for editing ship type pages. All pages are to follow this format:

1. A definition or an introduction 2. Roles and Usage 3. Dimensions and Armament 4. Tactics along with a link to Battle Tactics 5 Future development/insights for the ship type 6. Trivia (if any). Do not add any building guides to pages listed as a ship type, if you feel a guide is needed please create a separate page. There are enough ship type pages in the Battleship Craft wiki so there is no need to create new pages here!

5. Ships are intellectual property of the builders

We here at the wiki enjoy sharing our ship designs through the gallery and our private fleets found on our profiles.  They are there for your viewing and inspirational leisure.  Please feel free to take design elements or even attempt to copy them.  However, taking credit for someone else's design is frowned upon.  Even if the original was never posted to this wiki and you found through some separate form of media, fraudulent design claims concerning originality will not be tolerated.

6. Source Information

If you're getting information on a subject in warship craft in the real world (i.e battleships), please source the information from where you got it from. This is especially relevant when including "Trivia" on a page. You do not own the information, nor does this wiki.

With these guidelines in mind, we welcome you to the Warship Craft Wiki!

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.