So... I made a thing... a Super Dreadnought / Carrier designed like a Venator Class Star Destroyer. The Design is just there to fit because I wanted to create a strong Vessel with high Carrier Capabilities and high Firepower. As the Venator had this Role in the Grand Army of the Republic's figthing Doctrine I thougth it's worth a try. I know that my ship just roughly resembels the Venator but as WSC limits Capacity I had to cut a few edges.


134779 PS

IMG 0365
IMG 0366

max Speed 29 knots

88.6 km reach

strength 81316.8 MW

Toughness 40798 GJ

Armor 600 MJ

Satbility 1108.2

Weigth 17777463 t

L 970m

W 480m

H 258,4m

Deepth 11.6m

AOV 67,4 km

Under Water Area 205301 m^2

Armament: 8x SBD Dauntless 4x Fairy Swordfish 24x Sopwith Pup 28x 37mm/ 83 SK C/30 2x 381 mm/50 Model 1934 3x 406mm/45 Mk6 22x 127 mm/54 Mk45 mod.2 2x 380mm/45 Modell 1935 21x 460mm/45 Typ94 16x VLS and Tomahawk

The Aircraft Fleet an 460 mm Armament will be build further with time. The Vessel going under the Name LNF Azrael, which is based on Islams Death Angel, features three Hangar bay with a total of 10 Runways. The Idea for this vessel came after I got fucked in MP a few times by either strange Megastructures, crazy Airbases or overpowered Forttresses. SO my Idea was to look at different Figthing and War Doctrines. As modern Sea Warfare is Based on Aircraft Carriers I tried that first with a massive Super-Carrier trice the Size of the Gerald R Ford. As that failed I looked at the Empires War Strategie, large Capital Ships and Super Weapons. Tried that as well with a floating Fortress... failed. So I looked at a mix of Superweapon with high Firepower and Tough Armour and Carrier with high Capacities. This brougth me to the Grand Army of the Republic and their Venator Class Star Destroyers. They have huge Central Hangars and a reasonable amount of Firepower. This Ship is my try at it. I hope it works, as I wrecked all my other Ships for this Mega Project.

Please leave your Opinion about this Ship ^^

Total Build Time ~ 10 hours

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