You may think that you can build a super-massive, indestructible killing machine-of-a-ship that will crush any opponent in your path. Unfortunately, this isn't the case; Warship Craft has physics, so when your ship gets too big, too wide, or too heavy, your ship will coincidentally begin to not work as intended.

Information below is subject to player testing and is subject to change.



Approximately 900 metres. At this length, if one leaves the dock and the re enters a camera issue seems to kick in; some parts of your ship are not visible (although this happens at 700-850 metres in length, it is still bearable). This makes it very difficult to build or customise large ships after the original setup. Therefore, if you would like to build a large ship beyond the length of 900 metres, it is suggested to try build the ship all in one session to avoid the bug.


Approximately 900 metres (this is assuming that you just have a 1x1x1 strip). If you were to add length, it would become very difficult to build your ship.


The usual maximum speed that can be achieved is 194.4 knots, however, with very delicate alterations, speeds of 194.9 knots can be reached. For a bit of trivia, 194.4 knots is approximately 223.7 miles per hour or 360.02 kilometres per hour. There have been instances where players have managed to increase it to 200 knots, however, this has never been documented.


Whilst it is possible to create a ship that is very, very heavy (3,000,000 tonnes+) and still float, it is near impossible to make such ship turn. This is because the rudders can't provide enough energy/force to move the extremely heavy ship. This appears to occur at 750,000 (estimate, feel free to test).


The maximum armour that can be achieved is 1000.0.


Some may say that there is no limit to how much toughness a ship can have. This is incorrect. A ship has as much toughness as the capacity can allow. There has been recorded cases where people have managed to get 70,000+ toughness.

There is an answer though. The 6x6x2 400 millimetre armour block provide the most toughness for one single block; 72 GJ. Knowing that that each block represents 1/12 of a percent, we can calculate the highest possible toughness. The short answer is:

86,400 GL