Scripted positioning is used only by extreme hackers. It is instituted in order to create hyperstructures and hypercarriers. To do this, one must first jailbreak their device in order to edit the files. After, they need to find the specific file of the ship they wish to edit. From there, the user can specifically edit the coordinates of every item on the ship. There is no limitation as they can be placed anywhere by use of X, Y, Z coordinates.

Use with Hyperstructures

This is usually used to create scattered creations. Scatterstructures are usually unsinkable, but cannot be created with the in-game builder reasonably. One may superposition turrets or aircraft in order to get huge amounts of firepower in a very small area. Another form is making regenerating health bars.

Scatter block

ASV-01, a scatter-block hyperstructure created with Scripted Positioning.


This will almost always be used to with hypercarriers. This involves placing ~1,000+ planes on the same X, Y, and Z axis to launch an immense amount of aircraft from one spot. It is visually notable by a long snake-like line of aircraft in the sky.

AMM-12B. A hypercarrier that is able to spawn behind its opponent. Notice the snake pattern of the superpositioned aircraft.

Spawn Location

Another possibility is changing the spawn location by editing the properties of a particular ship. A hacker could potentially spawn anywhere, even behind their opponent, making the fight very one-sided. One strategy employed by doing this is with carriers; to change their spawn location to far behind their opponent. This means there is virtually no chance of being hit on retreat.


Since this is only seen from the most extreme hackers in Warship Craft, it is very unlikely that you will be unfortunate enough to encounter a user of this. They will 99% of the time be in VIP anyways, and it is a small chance that they will pop up in matchmaker. However, if you encounter one of these, there is virtually nothing you can do to win the battle.

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