In Warship Craft, a ram is a type ship that has the main purpose of ramming the opponent to inflict damage. The principal proble with rams is their construction; like submarines, they are difficult to make and are very fiddily. When a ship rams another ship, there are three posibble outcomes;

1: Your ship goes under theirs

2: Your ship goes above theirs

3: In some instances, the bigger ship may cause the smaller ship to 'flip' in the sky and crash into the water. This is a bug

Roles and Usage

Rams are designed to ram enemy ships. They can be useful in instances where you could not normally 'overgun' the enemy ship. Rams are, however, used quite rarley due to the fact the games psyhics keep changing, making it hard to maintain one design.


Most rams will j\usaully have medium-heavy armament to finish off enemy ships. The type of weaponary varies from 460mm guns to light armament. One may also carry torpedoes so when they get clsoe to an enemy, they can torpedoe them, inflicting heavy damage.


Rams have a likley dark future; the games psychics are getting harder to adapt to. Along with these changes, rams get increasingly difficult to make.

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