Montana class battleship (capricournous in battleship craft) is the 9th duel level, and the only battleship with the simple hull design to hold 46cm guns. This ship however, is arguably quite easy to fight, being so dense, unstable, and only engages when you are 8.6 km away or closer.


2 46cm guns

12 12cm guns

2 oxygen torpedo tubes

4 30.5 incendiary guns


Caution: The Following Information with the title "Engine", is player speculation.

4 propellers

2large boilers

1large rudder


deck: 600mm lightweight armor

second to bottom layer: hull

bottom layer: ballast


  • Near the end of World War Two, The U.S. designed a class of battleship built to be superior to the yamato class, but with the success of aircraft carriers, the Montana class was never build in real life. There are drawing of them, and they look nothing like the in-game Montana class.
  • Montana class battleships are asker to defeat than Andrea Doria battleships. Montana ships have a huge weak spot including the unarmored bridge blocks, being able to attack while it is sailing towards. The fog prevents the enemy from firing, while the player can still see the ship.
  • In earlier dates of Battleship craft, Capricournous battleships (Montana ) were the 10th level of duels, as there was a duel involving Staggitarius (rilechu, still existent in Yamato fleet battles), but not ever including Yamato until the aircraft update.