Mini - Battleships (DISCLAIMER: this is not a battlecruiser!!!)

Ever wanted a cruiser with the firepower of a battleship? Well, the Mini - Battleship is here for you!!! Cruisers can sometimes be weak in terms of firepower. But, they are fast. And agile. On the contrary, battleships can be slow and bulky and sluggish. But, if you combine these two ship types, you'll get a ship somewhat like a Battlecruiser or Pocket Battleship, but smaller and more agile. The body of a cruiser and the guns of a battleship. Sorta like the HMS Courageous class.


Simply buy the cheap 600mm hull and extend it. Then add engines and weaponry. Add a mast to see further and use at least two gas turbine engines. The hull should be big enough to add at least 4 turrets of primary armament, 4+ secondary turrets (US 8 inch guns recommended), a bunch of 76mm and Bofors AA guns


The recommended armament is but not limited to:

  • 35.5 cm triple guns (4)
  • US 8 inch guns (5)
  • 76 mm guns (10 +)
  • Bofors 40 mm AA guns (6 +)
  • 7.7 mm AA (10 +)
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