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  • Ye want to do some good old regulat replica battles???

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  • Do note these are the ships I made and still have access to so none of these ships and are deleted.

    Pre-19th century

    Ironclad mixed

    USS Monitor

    HMS Defender

    A French ironclad

    IJN Kotetu

    CCS Virginia

    Great War Ships

    Imperial Japan

    IJN Minekaze (191X)

    IJN Kawachi

    IJN kongo (191X)

    IJN Shikishima

    Inter-war Ships

    Imperial Japan

    IJN Fubuki

    IJN Yubari

    IJN Nagato (192X)

    IJN Hosho

    IJN Akagi or kaga (planned for construction)

    World War 2 Ships

    Imperial Japan

    IJN Akagi

    IJN Yamato (2 version)

    IJN Mogami

    IJN Shokaku

    IJN Taiyo

    IJN Takao

    IJN Yukikaze

    I-something submarine

    Fascist Germany

    KMS Z-2X Leichbahch thing

    KMS Deutschland

    KMS Admiral Hipper

    KMS Bismarck

    KMS Scharnhorst

    DKM Type VII Submersible

    KMS Leipzig

    KMS Konigsberg

    KMS Graf Zepplin

    United States of America

    Pearl Harbour, the naval base

    USS Ranger

    USS Enterprise

    USS Casablanca

    USS Gato

    British Union

    HMS Courageous

    HMS Illustrious

    HMS Attacker

    HMS Belfast

    HMS Leander

    HMS Laforey

    HMS Hood

    HMS King George V

    Soviet Union

    CCCP Gangut

    CCCP Kirov

    CCCP Gnevny

    CCCP Krasnyi Krym

    CCCP Leningrad

    and another 2 ship

    French Navy





    a cruiser i cant remember

    a destroyer

    The cruiser submarine thingy

    a submarine thingy

    Progression (Alternate History)

    Imperial Japan

    IJN Warusawa - A large late-war fleet carrier (1947 - 1950 A.H )

    IJN Ishikawa - A Super-Warship armed to stand for a long fight ( 1949 - 1960 A.H )

    IJN Type 1 Submarine I-502 -  A nuclear submersible aircraft carrier (A Submarine) that is armed with missiles.


    Currently none

    Galactic Fleets

    Japanese Space Arsenal

    One "frigate" and one "Battleship" I currently can't think the name of.

    As for deleted ships, the reasons are mostly because they are not good enough - in detail, performance and so. Some ships may be deleted as it was made as a joke.

    Expect all of my ships to be weak for what they are. IJN Ishikawa is not your usual Warship Craft Super-Ship. I have never built a gun barge or platform or any related things for a keeping, most are built as a joke of some sort and was deleted a minute or two after completion. To be honest, this is not the full list of the ships I have, some are not shown as a secret project and there is also some saves of planes that are irrelevent and is not worth telling.

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    • I was wondering if you could attempt making a tutorial on the IJN type 1 Submarine, I have attempted making one but I struggle balancing working aircraft capabilities, submarine capabilities, and realism. Also I would love to see you attempt a h Class battleship I haven’t seen a video or picture of a very realistic on yet. Amazing job with all your ships by the way. -5musketeers

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    • The type 1 Submarine doesn't really support any aircraft capability. I make most of my ships in favour of looks and detail, as all of my carriers are non functional and is made without a runway block in order for me to be able to add detail to decks. I am still able to get pictures of planes taking off of the carrier and landing but thats about it.

      - AM

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I act as the "AI", recording my ship location, setting patrol paths and that. As the warship craft gallery "AI" I own multiple navies, now 2 finished navies and 2 work in progress, and now I expands to being the ww2 Red Fleet. Don't ask how I have that much ships, I just do.

    However, just because I own these navies that doesn't mean you couldn't make historical factions (though highly not recommended as it causes confusion). Being a historical faction gave restrictions to what to build and what not to build - Ships will be relatively weak, having historical armaments or semi-historical armaments (On plans), having little to no armour and have to deal with larger more powerful fleets. Contemporary historical navy may be formed without these restrictions but these only have one or two ships within the shipyard and have little to no association with my navies

    Here would be a good suggestion : to separate gallery RP into "Old world" and "New world". Most player navies would be counted as New World navies and fully historical navies would be counted as Old world. This separation would duplicate lands such as Germany and the UK. Maps would unlikely be used. This wouldn't give any side an advantage but to sort of maintain Old World's existance

    In gallery rp unlike most other nations, my navies are actually pretty weak, being able to be defeated even by the store Mikasa. Really I serve little to no purpose in gallery but to give support to allies and disrupt enemy convoys or something else.

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  • Don't use the ellipses often (...) only in quotations or at the end of a sentence, should the need arrive. It is both disrespectful and incorrect to use the ellipses.

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