Flying ships are one of the more rare ship types found in Warship Craft. Designs vary, and glitches used to allow their flight also vary, but the one thing in common they all have is the ability to "fly". This usually gives them a significant advantage in combat, as it is very difficult to sink them unless you have good speed, armament and weaponry. 


Most flying ships fall into the class of "super-warship", and as such, often are armed with typical battleship/aircraft carrier weapons:

  • 46cm Triple Guns
  • Mk 45 5" Guns
  • Aircraft

and other weapons, depending on the ship builder.

Role and Usage

Because of the height advantage, it can be much easier for flying ships to destroy enemies. Flying ships are also often very hard to hit, because of the reason above. It can be hard to estimate the height of a flying ship, but once you damage them enough, flying ships will be forced to land.


Most flying ships will be very slow. This is due to their odd size, weight and shape. As such, it is very hard to exceed 30 knots with a flying ship, however, with extreme testing and trial and error, it may be possible. It's very hard to change, because, like submarines, flying ships are very fragile; an extra kilogram could make it topple.


"Floating block" flying ships often have nothing to fear except for anti-submarine warfare, the reasons will be explained later in this article. A flying ship can just shoot down from the sky at any ship that dares to come nearby, and adding planes to your ship can make it almost unstoppable. The height also means that it is really hard to hit, so one does not need to dodge shells, and the only worries that need to be actively addressed are aircraft. However, all these factors eventually become irrelevant after flying high enough. One of weaknesses of the "floating block" flying ship is that most of the time a rotation glitch will occur, which on the good side keeps the ship from capsizing due to height, but also causes turning to become impossible.


In the game, guns cannot hit flying ships in the sky flying at an altitude beyond 500 meters, except the use of the Harpoon missile, Tomahawk missile, or aircraft. You might feel there is no way to kill flying ships, but according to the Battleship Craft wiki, it can be possible to destroy them, provided know what to do. One important tactic is to never aim for the ship itself when battling a flying ship. Instead, shoot the area under the ship, allowing the high arc of most guns to be used against the flying ship. Once you have crippled the ship, and it is forced to land, it is easier to kill their weapons. Also, another strategy is to use anti-submarine warfare. If you can damage the underwater section of a flying ship with a base, you can also kill it that way. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a flying ship flying near the height limit of 5 kilometers, or are just not well armed to take down your opponent, it is near impossible to manage surviving the match.


There are 3 known ways to create a flying ship. Interestingly, both ways appear to utilize the "floating block" glitch, albeit in different ways. Because of the involvement of this glitch in the construction of flying ships, I will explain how it works here.

How to perform the "floating block" glitch

First of all, have 2 or more blocks connected to a center block. The center block is the one that will be removed, and the outer blocks will be the ones that are floating, so choose your blocks carefully (eg. if you want to make a floating gun, you put a gun on top.) There is a small chance of data corruption so backing up your device is a good way to make this procedure foolproof. Once you are ready, delete the center block. A dialog box should come up, with 2 options: fix, and cancel. Hold down the power button and the home button at the same time, until your device shuts off. Once it is off, proceed to turn it on again. After re-opening Warship Craft, the reboot should have caused the center block to disappear, allowing you to drag the outer blocks apart.

Floating block

The first way is to use the "floating block" glitch, which allows a player to separate their ship into multiple parts that are not connected. Once the glitch has been accomplished, you can drag one of the blocks a kilometer or two high, and create the flying ship proper. After the first section is completed, you can turn to the base. The base should contain the propulsion of the ship. If your ship won't fly, try making the base bigger.The disadvantage is that the base is broken, will lose support and then sink.

Without a base

The second way is a sans-base flying ship, which uses the buoyancy of the sphere, which floats in the air, in the upper layer, and the lower layer uses some ballast to keep its flight stable. Firstly, it is important to note flying in Warship Craft is very hard work for the builder, so you must be able to patiently adjust your ship's balance and weight, and sometimes might have to rely on luck.

There are two different kinds of flying boats, one of which is called "balloon", and the other called "flying rudder", where the more common of the two is the "balloon". Due to the limited payload of the "balloon", in order to carry more weapons and improve the speed, when manufacturing more than 5 tons of materials the density must be maintained at 0.2 or less. The difference between balloons and flying rudders lies in the draft. Balloon have a draft of 0 meters, with the initial height in the sky around 300-500 meters, and for flying rudder draft generally is around 300-500 meters, initially floating on the surface of the water. The in-surface acceleration and launch the rudder effect from the surface of the water take-off. Flying rudder for ships flying with balloons floating and helicopter different suspension, similar to the modern aircraft trajectories, run-up, take-off.


First, preform the floating block glitch with 2 blocks. Stretch the distance vertically to around 300-500 meters, and place a 12 x 12 platform of spheres on the top block. Replace the bottom black with a ballast, and place a depth gauge. Re-enter the game, and then you have a test flight template. You can then build your own personalized flying ship on this template.

Without floating block

The third way is an easier to make flying ship. However, the shape of it is not very aesthetically pleasing. It uses a lot of floats, which is built into a tall pillar. After that, follow the balloon flying ship instructions, placing the spheres on top and ballast below. Install the engine and propeller, and add the ballast on the bottom if you have not already, and test fly it. If it does not fly, delete the ballast, and repeat the test flight, and add the ballast again, until it flies. If you are successful, delete the float pillar. If you can fly up, then you won half the battle. Now you should patiently adjust your ship's balance and weight, and reasonably install weapons. Note: more spheres and floats can improve flight capacity. 


Warship Craft Flying Ship

Warship Craft Flying Ship

Warship Craft Flying Ship, the real flying ship without floating block, free flying; There is no under water base, no floating block; These flying ships can easily go top speed and are great maneuver!


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