The Dock is a part of the UI in the game. It allows the player to see his/her ships, customize them, and copy them.

Customize Menu

When a ship is selected, and the "Customize" button is pressed, a new window appears, with a model of the ship along with some tools and information


The UI displays the ship's name, Gold, Crystal, Medal, the Shop, and the Settings.

  1. Name : The name slot can be tapped to modify the ship's name
  2. Gold : Displays the amount of Gold the player has earned in battles
  3. Crystal : Displays the amount of Crystals the player has bought
  4. Medal : Displays the amount of Medals the player has earned in Missions
  5. Shop : Opens a new window with the IAP Shop
  6. Settings : Opens a new window with the game's settings


9 round buttons can be found on the bottom of the Customize screen.

  1. Take Picture : Takes a picture of the ship in it's current perspective, and allows the player to either Cancel, Save to Library, or Post to Gallery; along with a slot in the top for a name
  2. Ship Data : Opens a tab with the ship's information about Horse Power, Speed, Firing Range, Strength, Toughness, Armor, Stability, Balance Angle, Displacement, Density, Length, Beam, Height, Draft, Sight, Underwater Area and Capacity
  3. Add Part : Opens a menu with all the available parts in the game that can be added to the ship
  4. Paint Bucket : Opens a menu with Sample Colors and a Composite Tab (RGB) to change a part's color
  5. Move : Allows the player to move the parts from the ship freely (as long as the final part isn't floating in mid-air)
  6. Remove Part : Removes any parts that get tapped
  7. Undo : Goes back in time (un-does) 1 time
  8. Redo : Goes forward into time (re-does) 1 time
  9. Test Ship : Takes the ship to a test area, where the player can select the environment to play on

Copy Ship

The orange "COPY" button found in the Dock creates an identical copy of the selected ship, as long as the player has got enough resources (Gold and Crystals) to re-build it.

(i) Button

Gives information about the selected ship