Game center warship grade classification standard:
  1. Level 1 ship: Costs less than 70,000 gold
  2. Level 2 ship: Unknown

    special level 3 ship

  3. Level 3 ship: Cost is greater than or equal to 70 thousand, less than 170 thousand gold (a special example: a cost of 50 thousand gold coins Mk47 127 mm gun is also a level 3 ship)
  4. Level 4 ship: greater than or equal to 170 thousand, less than or equal to 280 thousand gold.
  5. Level 5 ship: more than 280 thousand, less than 640 thousand gold.
  6. Level 6 ship: cost is greater than or equal to 640 thousand, less than 1 million 200 thousand gold.
  7. VIP ship: cost is 1.2 million gold +.

PS: Above refers to the purchase of the hull, engines, weapons, aircraft, the total amount of gold coins.

1. Calculation in addition to the decoration of the value of the parts, that is, the number of decorative does not affect the classification

2. crystal value conversion: 1 Crystal value slightly more than 10 thousand gold coins (almost equal)

Method for improving the mobility and speed of vessel:

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    The study shows that the efficiency of two propeller is more efficient than one and four propeller.
  2. Channel of propeller vacate three or four  blocks can get the best acceleration.
  3. Underwater part of a ship,Reduce block or place inverted triangle can enhance the mobility of the ship


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