A Battleship is a large-armoured vessel that contains large calibre guns. Battleship's in Warship Craft often contain the 46 cm gun as it is the most powerful, non-crystal weapon. Battleships often have the following aspects to their ship:

- Some sort of Mast/Bridge

- Some sort of large gun design (i.e, three in the front, two in the back)

- Are usually above 200 metres.

- Are usually very heavy

- Often has many small deck guns to suppor large guns

- 600 mm armour

- Radar's

A battleship does not contain Aircraft or else it is classified as a Hybrid.

Block Design/Components

Battleship's often have the block layout smaller at either ends and increasing in width (beam) in the middle. It is usually suggested that, unless you are using aircraft carrier boilers, to protect you boiler behind a large, armoured mast.

The Radar is usually situated at the top of the mast.

Secondary Armament

The secondary armament, usually at the sides of the vessel, are small guns to simply provide a large consistent firing rate. AA weaponry may also be stored here.

Examples of weapons in here could be: 12.7 cm gun and 20.3 cm gun (these are just examples). Such armament will usually be vast (there will be a lot).

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