In general aviation, an aeroplane is a fixed-winged vehicle propelled by the thrust of an engine designed for air travel. In warship craft, in order to use planes, a runway must be in an accessible reach of the plane in order for it to take off.


Fighters are planes that have light cannons on them. They attempt to attack enemy fighters and enemy planes. The order of planes it attacks is: fighters, bombers, and torpedo bombers.

F4F wildcat fighters

American fighters that attack enemies. They cost 1 crystal.

Zero Fighters

Japanese fighters, basically F4Fs that are inferior. Its cost is 1 crystal


British fighters that are average, but still costs 1 crystal.

Sopwith pups

Cute little fighters that are smaller and inferior, but have longer range. Cost: 40000 gold.

Dive bombers

Dive bombers (aka bombers) are planes that fly high above gun elevation, and drop powerful bombs on battleships. They are infamous among light armored ships(as enemies) due to being unable to fire good shots at them.

SBD Dauntless

American dive bombers that devastate ships. Cost: 50000 gold


Japanese bombers that are inferior to Dauntless fighters. Cost 50000 gold

Torpedo bombers

Aircraft that fly the same trajectory as fighters but fire torpedos. They are vulnerable to straight firing guns. They deal heavy damage to enemy ships.


Japanese, average

TBF Avenger

American bombers, average.

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